The first High Performance Computing Facility of Padjadjaran University

The phenomenal development of computer scale, that follows Moore’s law, provides achievable low cost computers with considerable computing performance. The law, that was predicted to stop around 1997, is still applicable up to now. The remarkable break-through, was the design of multi-core processors, bringing the multiprocessor environment to a common use. This situation opens opportunities to building a low-cost high-performance computing facility.

This new trend of processor architecture gives a large impact in hardware and software development. The need of comprehensive knowledge of optimum computer resource utilization increases as well. The early way of program design, where most of processes run serially, would become obsolete. The software developers are forced to shift from the conventional way of thinking to a new realm of programming, where many processes run concurrently in parallel. The parallel application programming interface would be a standard requirement in software development.

Many institutions can take a lot of benefit from this situation. The availability of High Performance Computing facility may give more opportunities to improve the quality of services they provide. Especially, in an academic institution, the facility will pump up the research activity, that will definitely increase it’s reputation internationally. A high computing power will give more insight to many unknown aspects of science.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to design and employ a parallel computer facility. From a basic design of cluster computer to the more advanced configuration will be introduced. The courses will be based on the years experience in managing research clusters. The participants will be trained to use optimally a cluster, such as managing resources, understanding the queuing system, and building parallel programs. For parallel programming, MPI as a long standing programmer interface will be used intensively. Nevertheless, the new terminologies, such as OpenMP, will also be introduced.

Finally, some delightfulness of computer base researches will be demonstrated. This will give a large amount of precious knowledges and outlooks to the participants, those will be useful for their institutions and their future works.



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